ATG System

AutoTech offer a wide range of high quality ATG measurement instrumentation

AutoTech Enginerring is a representiv for MotherWell Tank Gauging that provide Tank Gauging Systems are used worldwide to monitor tank farms and refineries of all sizes. System features include :

Single or mult-PC solutions via Client/Server

Hot Standby Redundancy and Cluster options for maximum availability

Simple to configure and simple to operate

Extensive alarm system including safe fill level and movement warnings, level, temperature and flow rate alarms

Powerful movement management features that ensure the operator is fully aware of progress

Optional Multiple screen display

Remote support options that allow MTG engineers to asssist with system and field equipment queries.

The Tank Gauging monitoring system provides:


  • Level measurement
  • Ullage measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Oil-water interface level
  • Innage, reference height (manual detection of dip datum plate)
  • Product volume (from tank strapping chart)
  • Level and temperature alarms
  • Temperature profile